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•  1.1 Current must have addon!

•  1.2 All of my ESOUI Mods

•  1.3 All my updated mods

•  1.4 Useful beginner and returning player video

•  1.5 Chapters

•  1.6 Let's talk Zone and Dungeon DLC.

•  1.7 What I recommended for DLC

•  1.8 What to buy

•  1.9 ESO Plus

1.1 - Current must have addon!


Do you need to know how many Potatoes you have? Does your guild have potato auctions? If so this mod is a Must have!






This is a cool mod but it's a bit of an inside joke.


OMG how can you not have this!


1.2 - All of my ESOUI Mods




These days I maintain quite a few mods. I am probably most proud of Master Merchant 3.0 although I have much more I would like to optimize.


1.3 - All my updated mods


ESOUI Mods - GitHub Link


I have removed the LibStub requirements so they run without it. There is no need for LibStub because the functionality is now built into the game and some authors are simply to stubborn to remove it. Not having embedded libraries and removing LibStub really does help the mods run properly. I had one mod using Custom Compass Pins as an embedded library and when I updated it to the author's latest version it caused an error. Authors for ESO UI mods make the same kinds of mistakes that Nexus mod authors make in regards to optimization of the mods.


1.4 - Useful beginner and returning player video



This is a good walkthrough of the game changes if you are a returning player. It is also a walkthrough of all the different aspects of the game. It is long but if you just bring it up on your phone and listen while you play you can think to yourself, "Yeah I know that, yeah I knew that, wait what was that?" and rewind it a bit for things you may not have known. It is a good refresher for returning players.


There is not currently a 2023 version for Necrom.


1.5 - Chapters


This is up to date as of 6/26/2023


To play and be in a guild or do anything you don't need anything but the base game. If you do not own Elder Scrolls Online then the base game is The Elder Scrolls Standard Edition. However, it only includes the base game and Morrowind for $19.99 USD.


If you are a returning player review the UESP wiki for all of the available Chapters. Some of them can be purchaced from the crown store. Review What to buy for more information.


1.6 - Let's talk Zone and Dungeon DLC.




Zone DLC includes World Bosses, Story Line quests, side quests, and skill lines. Dungeon DLC provides only Dungeon content which usually has a story and a quest.


1.7 - What I recommended for DLC


Guilds and Glory

-  Dark Brotherhood - Zone DLC (Skill line, Quests, and Story)

-  Imperial City (FREE) - Zone DLC (PvP and PvE gameplay)

-  Orsinium - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

-  Thieves Guild - Zone DLC (Skill line, Quests, and Story)


Dragonhold - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

Murkmire - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

Clockwork City - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

Markarth - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

The Deadlands - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)

Firesong - Zone DLC (Quests and Story)


The Markarth DLC gives you access to the Reach. Firesong was originally free to players.


1.8 - What to buy


Necrom Collection - Bethesda link


If you do not have all of the chapters then the Necrom Collection is the better value. Previous chapters such as Summerset, Elsweyr, Greymoor, and Blackwood can be purchaced from the Crown Store. If you have purchased all of the previous chapters as they were released with the exception of Necrom, then buy the Necrom Upgrade instead.


To have access to all content except dungeons you have two choices.


•  Get ESO Plus. It comes with 1650 Crowns each month you are subscribed and access to all the Zone and Dungeon DLC. The crowns can be saved up to purchase DLC separately. There are other benefits see the ESO Plus section below on this page.


•  Buy 16,000 Crowns (14,000 and 3,000) for approximately 125 dollars and purchase each of the DLC. Guilds and Glory, Dragonhold, Murkmire, Clockwork City, Markarth, Deadlands, and Firesong. This means you have all the extra Zones with no ESO Plus subscription. You can play any time off and on and never spend money on a subscription you are not using.


1.9 - ESO Plus


ESO Plus - Bethesda link


So you can obviously read all that but from a players perspective what it gives you that is noticeably useful is bank space and bag space. Your bank is doubled in size and all crafting materials go into a virtual bag that is limitless in size. Meaning you loot like crazy and as long as they are crafting mats you will never run out of bag space. Other then that you have to sell it to a vender or break it down into materials for crafting. The other thing that is different is your small house has double the capacity for decorations.


Then of course you have access to all the DLC content while ESO Plus is active.